Chalkboard, Blackboard, Whiteboard Materials, Surface finishes substrate types and uses.

Porcelain Enamel Whiteboard/Blackboard:   Will accept Whiteboard marker, Coloured Liquid Chalk and Magnets. Easy clean with damp rag. For high usage such as daily menu change. The ultimate board for school menus or the company boardroom.

White Gloss Acrylic:  A budget Whiteboard where magnets are not used, just a high resolution Coloured Liquid Chalk masterpiece. Damp rag clean up or window cleaner for hard spots.

Black Acrylic Chalkboards:  This is an excellent writing surface for out/indoors. Due to its high gloss, which compliments the coloured Liquid Chalk brilliance. Will not accept Calcium Chalk. An excellent outdoor product but fragile and should never be screwed or metal riveted. We apply with double-sided tape or silicone or plastic rivets. Dry glazing is also okay in our A-Frames.

Warranty: We give a 2 year warranty on our surfaces. Scratching and impact damage is not covered by our warranty. Never use an abrasive cleaning agent under any circumstances.